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Lost Origin

Step into the unexpected

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“In short, Lost Origin is phenomenal”

Abbie Grundy - Broadway World

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“Slick interactive adventure integrates cutting edge technology into a delightful dramatic effect”

Dave Fargnoli - The Stage

“Leaves me slack jawed in wonder… It’s the best version of VR I’ve experienced; I was dodging and yelping at things my rational brain knew weren’t there”

Abha Shah - Evening Standard

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“A first-rate and unique entertainment experience”

J.C. - London Living Large

“A great example of the development in immersive performance, and the strength in bringing strangers together to experience a narrative”

Kevin Williams - VR Focus

Star Star Star Star Star

“It’s impossible not to be sucked into this engaging world”

Oliver Ainley - What’s On Stage

A mysterious London warehouse hides a lost truth that is fighting to be heard.

Your skills and imagination are needed to be part of Wing 7, a secret undercover unit. Your mission? To covertly enter the headquarters of Origin, a warehouse in Hoxton, suspected to be a front for an illegal dark web marketplace.

In this live story experience, you journey through a multitude of spaces in teams of six; working against the clock to right a wrong and decide a fate.

This boundary-breaking piece combines theatre, cutting edge mixed reality and state-of-the-art interactive technologies to forge new ground in live performance for an exclusive, two-week run.

Venture into a totally unique experience. Imaginative and captivating, LOST ORIGIN is not to be missed.

Image description: In a dark corridor illuminated by orange strip lights, a woman in a jumpsuit looks over her left shoulder towards the camera. Her hair is pulled back and she is holding some kind of gadget. She looks ready for action.


This is a Factory 42 production, with the Almeida Theatre and Sky, part of the Audience of the Future consortium led by Factory 42 with Magic Leap, University of Exeter and StoryFutures.

The project is funded within the Audience of the Future programme by UK Research and Innovation through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

It is the culmination of a series of research and development outputs which explore how audiences of the future will experience new forms of entertainment and visitor experience.

A three year research project, other outputs include a robots themed mixed reality experience for shopping centres in conjunction with the Science Museum, a dinosaurs themed mixed reality experience for shopping centres in conjunction with the Natural History Museum and two augmented reality fun learning apps aimed at younger kids, again in collaboration with the two museums.

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Our location

Hoxton Docks, 55 Laburnum Street, E2 8BD

Hoxton and Haggerston rail stations are
approximately a 10 minute walk away



Access Features

There will be BSL interpreted performances of Lost Origin on the following dates and times:

Saturday 27th November at 4:25pm
Sunday 28th November at 12:20pm and 8.15pm

There will be a relaxed performance of Lost Origin on:

Saturday 4th December at 11:15am–12:50pm

Please ensure you select the correct date for your required access performance below.

If you would like to see a visual or sonic story prior to attending the show, please email .


    • What is it?

      Immersive pioneers Factory 42 have teamed up with the Olivier award-winning Almeida Theatre and Sky to create Lost Origin: a unique experience that combines in-person theatrical performance with mixed reality technology, including Magic Leap, to create a compelling story-led journey in Hoxton Docks (55 Laburnum St, E2 8BD).

      Your skills and imagination are needed to be part of Wing 7, a secret undercover unit. Your mission? To covertly enter the headquarters of Origin, a warehouse in Hoxton, recently revealed to be a front for an illegal dark web marketplace.

      In groups of six, guests weave their way through differently-themed rooms on an extraordinary mission to solve the enigma.

      It is worth noting the following:

      • You’ll be moving through a variety of different spaces guided by a performer
      • Performers will be addressing you directly and you will be able to interact with them
      • You will be encouraged to work together with other audience members to solve different parts of the mystery
      • Some of the spaces that you move through have lower ceilings and are more enclosed than others

      This project is funded within the Audience of the Future programme by UK Research and Innovation through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. It is the culmination of a series of research and development outputs which explore how audiences of the future will enjoy new forms of entertainment and visitor experiences.

      Lost Origin is one of the outputs of the funding into research and development. Our remit is to push boundaries and use cutting-edge technology to create a unique experience. This means that the experience is continually being improved, in response to audience feedback and testing.

      We appreciate your involvement in this R&D and your understanding if there are occasional glitches with some of the technical elements.

    • Do I have to engage/perform?

      You will be guided through the experience by an actor. You can decide how much you’re involved in the show and interact as much as you are comfortable.

    • Things to know about the Magic Leap headset

      Magic Leap is a computer headset that looks like a pair of goggles and allows you to view the real world alongside digital content. It has sophisticated sensors that captures the space around you so that digital content seamlessly appears on the physical environment. Unlike VR, you are not closed off from the real world, but rather it is the environment on which the content plays out. Due to the experimental nature of the device, a trained professional will fit it onto your head. You will then independently move through one of the experience rooms for approximately 15 minutes.

      If having this device fitted to your head concerns you, please contact us on and we will be as accomodating as possible to ensure you are comfortable during the performance.

      We do not recommend wearing glasses while using Magic Leap. Glasses will prevent the headset from being fitted correctly and are likely to cause discomfort. If possible, please wear contact lenses or remove your glasses during the experience.

      All information related to Magic Leap can be found on our Safety Notice and by visiting:

    • Where is the venue?

      Hoxton Docks, 55 Laburnum St, London E2 8BD

    • How do I get there?

      Hoxton and Haggerston rail stations are approximately a 10-minute walk away.

    • What time should I arrive?

      Guests must arrive at the venue 20 minutes before the time shown on tickets. Each experience is a 60 minute long session and sessions are booked back-to-back, so being on time will mean you don’t miss your slot.

    • Do you allow latecomers?

      No, and we will not be able to administer a credit or refund because you have arrived later than the time on the ticket. However, we will use our best endeavours to offer another slot on the same day if they are available.

    • Can I leave and re-enter the production?

      Due to the specifics of this experience, you will not be able to re-enter if you leave during the performance.

    • How long is the experience?

      60 minutes

    • Will it be scary?

      There are parts of the experience that are designed to have scare-factor but it is not intended to be scary. We have used lighting and sound to enhance the experience, which may contribute to the scare-factor of some rooms.

    • What is the minimum age?

      Due to safety and operational concerns, we do not allow children under the age of 14 to participate in the experience.

    • Can children attend unaccompanied?

      Children under the age of 16yrs must be accompanied and supervised by an adult aged 18yrs or over.

    • What should I wear?

      As you will be walking through the experience for approximately 60 minutes, we recommend wearing comfortable clothing and shoes. The venue can get very cold so please ensure you wear warm clothing.

    • How much are tickets?

      Adult Tickets are £30.00
      Concessions are £18.00 for 14-16 year olds

    • How many tickets can I purchase?

      You can purchase up to six tickets for one slot.

    • Do I need to print my tickets?

      No, but you will need to present the QR code that came with your confirmation email when you purchased your ticket. This can be presented on your phone or on a printout.

    • I can't find my ticket confirmation, will this be a problem?

      If you do not have your ticket confirmation you will not be able to enter the experience. In this instance, please email

    • What is your cancellation policy?

      We will always try to ensure that the experience takes place in accordance with the advertised programme. However, we may sometimes have to cancel an experience, vary the time of an experience or substitute an alternative experience due to circumstances beyond our control.

      If this happens and you have purchased prepaid tickets for an affected experience, we will use our reasonable endeavours to contact you as soon as possible to let you know and offer you a refund or offer to rebook if there are tickets available. For more information please see our Terms of Service.

    • What is your refund policy?

      Payments for tickets are non-refundable and tickets may only be changed or replaced in accordance with the provisions of our Terms of Service or otherwise at our absolute discretion.

    • Is this a VR experience?

      No, Lost Origin mixes in-person theatrical performance with mixed-reality technology, including Magic Leap. Unlike VR, mixed-reality glasses allow you to view the real world alongside digital content.

    • Is your venue COVID-secure?

      We are doing regular risk assessments and will follow all COVID-19 protocols including sanitisation and face covering procedures. Audiences will be updated via email with any changes to protocol.

    • I'm displaying symptoms, what should I do?

      If you are showing symptoms or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive, please refrain from attending the event. These symptoms include:

      • a high temperature or fever
      • a new continuous cough
      • losing sense of smell and/or taste.
    • Do I need to bring a face covering?

      Please bring a face covering to wear throughout the performance. This safety measure remains in place to protect guests and actors at the event. If you are exempt, we would appreciate if you could advise front of house staff on arrival. Performers will not be wearing face coverings when performing.

    • Will I be in a group with other guests?

      Each slot will have up to six audience members so you may be in a group with other guests if you have purchased five or less tickets for a slot.

    • Will there be social distancing?

      We ask that audience members remain socially distanced where possible.

    • Are the Mixed Reality headsets sanitised?

      All Magic Leap headsets will be disinfected and cleaned before and after each use.


  • Creative Director
    Dani Parr

  • Writer
    Hannah Wood, Story Juice

  • Executive Producer
    Michelle Feuerlicht

  • Project Lead & Executive Producer
    John Cassy

  • Set Design
    Alice Helps, Julie Landau

  • Sound Design & Composition
    Nick Ryan

  • Augmented reality sound design and composition
    Peter Mauder (Phonotheque Ltd)

  • Creative Consultant
    Ross Phillips

  • Lighting Designer
    Jess Bernberg

  • Costume
    Kate Bunce

  • Casting
    Will Burton CDG

  • Technical Direction and Production Management
    The Production Family

  • Set Construction
    Sterk Ltd

  • Live Producer
    Jo Mackie

  • Software Development Director
    Stephen Stewart

  • XR Producer
    Sucharita Ghosh Stephenson

  • Art Lead / Animation Director
    Maciek Sznabel

  • Main 3D Animation
    Maria Robertson

  • 3D Art
    Stephen Nevin and Niccolò Temperanza

  • Lead Programmer
    David Addis

  • Magic Leap Design Lead
    John Foster

  • Magic Leap Programmer
    Zeno Rawling

  • Interactive Design & Development
    Mike Golembewski

  • Digital Tech Support & QA
    Vytautas Niedvaras, Andrew Sheldon, Callum Walsh, Şule Dinçer

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